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European Youth Information and Counselling Agency
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Programmes and Services

Programmes and Services

ERYICA performs activities and provides services in a number of areas. Where these coincide with the aims and priorities of the Council of Europe and of the European Union, ERYICA seeks to collaborate with these inter-governmental bodies. Since 1997, the Agency has maintained a Partnership Agreement with the Council of Europe (Directorate for Youth and Sport), with the aim of developing training activities for Youth Information workers.

ERYICA is working closely with the Member States and the European Commission on the implementation of Youth information objectives, that have been adopted by the European Union in November 2003.


Four times a year the Agency publishes an "ERYICA Newsletter" in English, as well as reports of its seminars, occasional studies, and the annual report of activities.


Infomobil Service: Information Facilitating Youth Mobility

ERYICA has co-ordinated the collection and dissemination of practical information about services and opportunities for young people in different European countries since its early years. The service has been based on initiative of the European Commission (EC) to facilitate youth mobility in Europe. Hence, the project has been initially assisted financially by the EC.

Originally distributed in the form of booklets ("Guides for Young Visitors") between 1987-1992, all information is now available online at The website covers a number of areas of information that are of interest for young people, such as Studying and working abroad, Things to Do and See in a foreign country, as well as practical information on living abroad. The data about each country is collected and updated continuously by national editors on the spot. At present, the Infomobil Service covers 19 European countries.

If you would like to know more about Infomobil, please feel free to contact the ERYICA Secretariat at

Promotion of Youth Information

Since 1985,  there has been an increasing recognition of the importance of Youth Information by youth policy-makers and youth service managers throughout Europe. Youth Information is being recognised as a fundamental tool to facilitate responsible decision making of young people and their active citizenship in our society. The growing number of countries establishing national networks of Youth Information centres and services (see "European Statistics", under "What is Youth Information?") emphasises this development.

ERYICA is working intensively to reinforce and further promote the recognition of Youth Information at the European level. Through its national partners, the Agency is actively promoting the concept of a national Youth Information strategy in order to achieve this goal.

Sharing Methods and Experience

ERYICA largely facilitates knowledge exchange and the sharing of experience among practitioners of Youth Information and counselling work throughout Europe.

These exchanges take place in the framework of activities organised by the Agency, such as seminars, working-groups, and General Assemblies. The distribution of ERYICA publications and material on Youth Information practice supports the activities.

Since 2003, ERYICA has considerably developed  the range of materials and resources based on the experience of its national partners and the methods used by them that its members can access through the Agency's web-site.

Professional Principles, Minimum Standards and Quality Measures

In 1993, the ERYICA General Assembly adopted the European Youth Information Charter which has since become a text of reference throughout Europe as a set of professional principles and guidelines for "generalist" youth information work. The Charter was updated in 2004.

The European Youth Information charter has been recently extended by an additional supporting document, the Principles for Online Youth Information. ERYICA has acknowledged Online Youth Information as an integral part of Youth Information Work and with this document aims at establishing quality standards in this field.

ERYICA partners in a number of countries have developed minimum standards and quality measures for youth information centres and services, with a view to maintaining and improving the quality of the services that they provide to young people. It is expected that ERYICA will pay increasing attention to this area of its work in the coming years.

Training of Youth Information Workers

ERYICA regards the training of the staff who work in youth information centres and services as an essential element in the continual efforts of its national partners to develop and maintain standards in youth information work. In this area, the Agency pays particular attention to the needs of countries that are seeking to initiate youth information and counselling centres or services.

Since 1996, a range of different training activities have been conducted in the framework of the Partnership Agreement between ERYICA and the Council of Europe.

These have included:

  • the "YIntro - Stepping into Youth Information" course for beginners in the Youth Information field, designed together with the ERYICA Training Task Force. The YIntro is a revised manual for ERYICA's training activities to prepare Youth Information workers to deal with new required skills for their work;
  • the elaboration of a Minimum Basic Training Course (M.B.T.C.) package to provide training in essential skills that any youth information worker needs (40 hours of training in 4 modules), that can be adapted to national conditions;
  • the training of trainers to organise / deliver national M.B.T.C. courses in their countries;
  • European (multi-country) seminars providing an introduction to youth information work;
  • the creation of an ERYICA Pool of Youth Information Trainers;
  • providing ERYICA trainers for national training courses;
  • technical assistance missions, using a consultant selected by ERYICA.

See the list of ERYICA Certified Youth Information Workers in 2007 and 2009 below!


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European Youth Information and Counselling Agency
87, Route de Thionville L-2611 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 24873992 - Fax: +352 26293215
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