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European Youth Information and Counselling Agency
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Annual Reports

In the annual report we present our main activities, projects, services and, in general, the progress of each year.


Good Practice in Youth Information

The Good Practice Booklet is a collection of successful stories from our Network in order to learn, inspire, generate and develop new projects and ideas. 


Young People's Access to Rights through Youth Information and Counselling

The aim of this document, produced in partnership with the Council of Europe, is answering the question: how to inform young people about their rights in an appealing way? It does not only include information on how to do it but also a list of practical activities ir order to make youngsters aware of this topic.


Compendium on National Youth Information and Counselling Structures

The Compendium has the aim of being the main systemized source of information for stakeholders in countries where no youth information and counselling structures have yet been established. It gather information about the concept and history of the youth information, its impact and benefits, and an overview of how to establish youth information and counselling structures on national level.


A Competency Development Framework

This publication aim at helping all those involved in youth information services in order them to provide a quality information and servicesIt is divided in three parts: First, a theoretical approach to quality management is given, then a evaluation tool for your youth information service and finally, six examples of already functioning quality management systems in Europe.


Summer University on Youth Information and Counselling

The Summer University on Youth Information and Counselling was an event which took place in Braga in 2014, where professionals of the youth information from 35 different countries met. These reports not only describe the event but also they can be used as a valuable tool about this topic for further development.


Information Right Now Campaign

This campaign aimed to raise awareness among young people, decision makers and media on the special role of youth information with regard to young people’s access to rights.


ALTYO - Toolkit for Civil Society Organizations

The purpose of the ALTYO project was to empower/build the capacities of local youth CSOs in F.Y.R of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in advocacy and lobbying in order to effectively influence local and national policies. In order to reach named results, the delivery of this course was foreseen as a crucial activity within the project.


Safety and Quality in online Youth Information

This guide analyses the benefits and risks of the Online Youth Information, and tries to provide youth information workers a training in order to ensure that young people can safely access the quality information.


Youth Information Starter Kits (ENFRDETRMDESRUIT, PO) (2010)

This Starters Kit (published in 8 different languages) gives a first idea about what youth information is and how to set up youth information centres and services. In addition, it includes some practical information about the different European structures and what they can offer about this topic.


Position Paper: Engage. Inform. Empower.

The position paper with recommendations for the European Youth Strategy, is written in collaboration with ERYICA’s partner networks, EYCA and Eurodesk. The paper addresses the challenges facing young people, and offers recommendations on how youth information and mobility can help young people make the most of the opportunities and information available to them. The position paper is available in three languages: English, German, and Polish.


Booklet of Best Practices: Engage. Inform. Empower





European Youth Information and Counselling Agency
87, Route de Thionville L-2611 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 24873992 - Fax: +352 26293215
Email: secretariat(at)